Donate to the room to grow campaign

In every child, there is a promise that can’t wait to grow. With a stable home, surrounded by family and community, it’s a wonder to behold. Yet thousands of children across Kent County are at risk of losing that safety and sense of belonging as their families experience the disruption, uncertainty, and stress of homelessness. In an increasingly tight housing market, working families can find themselves bouncing from couch to couch, sleeping in their car, or even on the street. The hardship that comes with housing insecurity is no place for growing brains and bodies, and the impact of homelessness can leave a lasting mark. The Family Promise Room to Grow campaign ensures that more kids can always count on a steady, supportive place to stay—and the room they need to flourish.

Your campaign contribution will support our five goals

  1. preventing family homelessness before it happens
  2. filling the deep gaps in our community’s emergency response for families that need shelter now
  3. addressing the housing shortage at the root of the issue
  4. building out our program space to adequately support our staff and serve families
  5. investing in success with professional marketing, communications, and campaign support to effectively engage the community in this necessary work

Mail donations are also gratefully accepted. Please make the check out to Family Promise of West Michigan and mail to 516 Cherry Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.